Lauren Dunning
Artist Biography
Lauren Dunning was born and raised in Portage, Indiana, near Lake Michigan. She obtained her BA in Illustration from the American Academy of Art. Her main interest is experimenting in different mediums and seeing how they feel and work with her art.

Artist Statement
I am interested in the imperfections within my art. When I knowingly create these flaws I am proving to myself that it is okay to be different and not live up to society’s standards. Each rip, white space and sketched line in my work is a kick at society’s expectations.

When inspiration strikes, I just run with it. With a few photos in one hand and a pencil in the other, a sketch will form. From there, I will add ripped paper and begin to block in the colors. Once I am satisfied, I add in details with pencil and pen. I continue to go back and forth with pen and paper until I am satisfied with how it looks.

My goal is to stand up to my mistakes, embrace them, and be able to place them in every aspect of my art as well as my life. Art is what I am and I shouldn’t be reluctant in creating it. I should allow myself to make a mistake, because from that, I can either make it work, or learn from it.